AI to reduce banks technology delivery cost by $ globally

Piccadilly Group has launched neuro, an AI management platform that could replace one in four management consultants in technology delivery, saving financial institutions approximately $ globally. Neuro will free leadership teams to focus on decision making by providing real time, through simple voice command, better project insights than a typical team of highly paid consultants, in a fraction of the time - free of any managerial bias. Furthermore, using its machine learning capability and proprietary deep tech, neuro can accurately predict problems before they occur while creating and optimising a user’s goals and provide real-time monitoring and alerts for when things go sideways! 

Neuro can provide managerial analysis and feedback, like issue reporting and status updates, without bias or excuses, and at a significantly lower cost. CEO’s can literally speak to neuro to get an update or specific MI, at the precise moment they want it, be it by mobile, text or chat. Without anybody having to leave the room to pull together a report.

Neuro was developed by the Piccadilly Group, themselves management consultants trusted by many top tier banks, who have worked over the past three years to develop an AI capability with the express purpose of putting themselves out of business.

Dan Hooper, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Piccadilly Group:

“Our AI will do for management what Sat Nav did for navigation. Business leaders, are on the cusp of a major disruption in their sources of advice and information moving the role of middle management from analysis to judgement”

Watch neuro in action at