A Simple Recipe for Happiness at Work

A Simple Recipe for Happiness at Work

We spend most of our life at work and having the feeling of belonging is important to our self-esteem, as well as our self-value. Employers and employees contribute equally to this feeling and there are several things everyone can do to make ensure they feel valued.

A sense of achievement and thanks in equal measures 

Whether it be washing up or managing a large-scale project, the feeling of doing the best job I can enables me to have the sense of achievement which is required for self-esteem. If this goes unnoticed or uncommended, the sense of achievement diminishes as you start to wonder, “what is the reason I am going above and beyond without as much as a thank you”. It is important to position yourself in a role and at a company where you feel appreciated, each and every step of the way – which I am lucky to say I am! 

Be respected in your role

Everyone has a right to feel respected in every aspect of life, but to be respected within the office is key, whether this be by your reports, peers or managers. Respect is earned and in order to earn it you need to respect others, work hard and show willing. You then need to retain it with continued hard work and the regard of your colleagues. Respect works in both directions and once earnt, your working life becomes more enjoyable and relaxed. This makes it easier to share views and opinions, and for conversations to flow. Here at Piccadilly Group I’ve always felt very well respected for my decisions, as well as my views and opinions on what is happening within the business and outside socially.

Work-life balance

A work-life balance is important to everyone. We all know there may be times when you will have to put in the hard yards, work a weekend here and there, or be online when you get home to meet a deadline. But it is equally as important to work in an environment where you know you have the ability to switch off and enjoy quality time with family and friends. We all come from different walks of life, whether it be living with family or friends, or with your own family. Piccadilly Group have always tried to support and promote a healthy work-life balance and promote time for me with my family. To have the feeling of the effort being made, makes you want to help the company when they need you.

Freedom of speech

Perhaps the most important part for me of being in an organisation is having the freedom to speak, whether this be to air concerns, share an opinion or make a complaint. You should always feel there is someone you can speak to: if not your line manager, then a colleague from HR, operations or senior management. It is not always easy to say you are not happy about something, but if you do not speak up, the issue cannot be resolved or worked through.

In addition to the above, other factors that assist in a happy working relationship include:

•    To not be micromanaged
•    Knowing that your work is making a difference
•    Feeling secure in a role
•    Awareness, celebrating and sharing of company achievements
•    Provision of constructive feedback
•    Senior management leading by example in a positive manner
•    You feel trusted.

By Harpreet Minhas, Senior Consultant at Piccadilly Group