CLOSING THE GAP between today’s business needs AND tomorrow’s TECHNOLOGY

Our technical arm, Piccadilly Labs focuses on delivering specialist AI, robotic process automation, data and development capabilities for organisations seeking to adopt and emerging technology solutions into their business and operational models. Piccadilly Group focuses on  supporting clients through their digital transformation by driving momentum with emerging technology.  

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Dedicated AI Centre

Our Barcelona base gives Piccadilly Labs an unprecedented level of access to some of the most innovative people and businesses in AI and technology. Continuing to work hand-in-hand with our academic and London-based partners, this centre will place Piccadilly at the forefront of revolutionary change and provide a hub of world-class AI and R&D expertise.


Insights, On The Go 

Piccadilly Labs has developed an analytics solution that solves the MI problems in test and delivery on large technology programmes by aggregating data from multiple sources to provide a consolidated dashboard and KPIs.


Agile Test Data

A key area for internal innovation is data, and test data is a common problem area for our clients. The Piccadilly Labs team has created a framework to allow us to express data constraints in a domain specific language. This has helped a number of our clients to improve up-front thinking about test data coverage and automate the production of large volumes of data for both functional and non-functional testing.


Blockchain - General ledgers with distributed ledger

Our Piccadilly Labs team has built a blockchain to experiment with the difficulties of testing and reconciling legacy general ledgers with distributed ledger technology. This is a challenging problem as distributed ledgers are not built for reporting in the same way as legacy technology. We have learnt how to approach this problem through a number of advanced test techniques.


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Our focus as an employer is to be the industry leader. Our flat structure and social atmosphere enables our team to reach their absolute potential. 

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