leading-edge technology and testing SOLUTIONS

Piccadilly Group's solutions are built upon our extensive domain expertise and unparalleled technology and testing delivery know-how. Together, they provide us with the means to enable success. By combining leading-edge thinking, people and AI technology, we are able to optimise productivity, accountability and efficiency across the entire technology and test lifecycle. This has enabled us to deliver an outstanding 100% track record of success for our clients, whilst utilising our proprietary AI management platform neuro. 

We rapidly solve challenges, accelerate delivery and unlock value.



Our strategic test consulting service supports any test programme of work, from initiation through to adoption, including:

+        Assessment and transformation

+        Test strategy review and development

+        Shift-left approach

+        Test governance

+        Test tool evaluation, implantation and optimisation

+        Test vendor management

Our cradle-to-grave test methodology – Test Bank – is derived from industry standards (ISO/IEC 29119) as well as our own specialist expertise and deep domain knowledge.

This solution set will enable your firm to meet its strategic test objectives.



Our test management and execution services covers the full test lifecycle, including:

+        End to end test management

+        End to end functional and non-functional testing

+        Front to back test automation

+        Third-party management

Our experience of operating in complex test landscapes means we are able to work with all necessary parties, from design and build teams to third-party product and test providers.

We are well-versed in taking over failing test programmes to contain slippage and minimise overspend. Our unique place at the heart of the delivery organisation enables us to accelerate test delivery, reduce risk and cost, and improve test accuracy and coverage through combining our expertise with our AI-management platform neuro

Our test methodology – Test Bank – includes 100+ pre-defined test management templates, 50+ ISO-aligned artefacts and 1000+ pre-defined tests.

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Utilising our AI-management platform neuro we enable organisations to accelerate delivery by removing many of the challenges and bottlenecks that slow progress and increase cost and failure.

AI is exponentially changing the way we all gather information, make decisions and enhance human capability and reach. Our intelligence-led delivery solutions allow organisations to rationalise and optimise key functions within the technology delivery landscape. Namely:

+        Management information

+        DevOps

+        PMO

+        Service and defect management

+        Project and test management

+        Requirement analysis and management 

+        Governance and assurance

+        Vendor and third-party management

+        Financial control

+        Development management

The bottom line is corporate leaders, knowingly or not, are on the cusp of a major disruption in their sources of advice and information moving the role of middle management from analysis to judgement.



Our clients frequently encounter an array of process and data-related challenges. We utilise our proprietary AI and automation technologies to provide immediate resolution through improved accuracy, reduced operational costs and increased efficiency. We combine skilled subject-matter expertise, our AI-management platform ‘Neuro’ and intelligent automation to reduce the costs of future-proofing processes and data across:

+        Client-facing processes

+        Business operations

+        Technology operations

Our track record of implementing and measuring the associated benefits of automated front-to-back processes and data solutions spans a multitude of financial organisations, meaning the transition to an improved low-maintenance model is both straightforward and offers immediate value at a lower cost.



Delivering technology, test and business remediation solutions at scale has traditionally involved large teams, slow and inconsistent performance and loss of human capital. Today, in the race to a digital workforce, AI dramatically reduces the dependency on large teams and enables value to be unlocked at speed and scale.

Organisations need to build for tomorrow’s future, today. Intelligent automation will increasingly enhance an organisation’s ability to do more with less.

We provide managed solutions that leverage our domain expertise and proprietary technology, including:

+    Industry focus

+    End-to-end delivery capability and knowledge

+    Ecosystem reach and relationships

+    Intelligent automation

+    Continuous optimisation

+    Global delivery network.

Working together, our London, Barcelona and Berlin facilities enable us to operate at scale, across Europe.