Dedicated to financial services

Piccadilly Group is working with a growing number of the world’s leading financial services firms based on our ability to deliver the skills, capability and expertise that cannot be found in the ‘Big Four’ or in the large outsourcing market.

We understand the impact of technology change to your business. Our extensive domain expertise and unparalleled testing know-how provides us with the means to enable the successful delivery of even the most complex technology change.

In our experience traditional testing often falls short of ‘verifying’ and ‘validating’ business-focused quality attributes, which are fundamental to the success and accuracy of new software.



Examples of some of our on-going and recent projects include:



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Retail Banking

• Managing all functional and non-functional testing for a $1bn refresh of the end-to-end payments platform for a leading global card issuer

• Managing all functional and non-functional testing for major core banking platform implementations (including a leading retail and two challenger banks)

• Managing and executing the functional and non-functional testing for a bank-wide SOA-transformation initiative

Capital Market.png

Capital Markets

• Optimising a third-party delivered testing service resulting in a 20% reduction in annual testing related spend from £55m to £45m for a global tier-1 investment bank

• Project management and technical test support for a test automation optimisation programme; automating functional regression testing for 150+ applications including mission-critical trading, payments and finance platforms at a global tier-1 investment bank

• Managing and executing the technical testing (functional test automation and performance testing) for a leading clearing house



• Driving the enterprise-wide improvement initiative for a leading global insurer to drive more efficient, effective and repeatable testing, improve confidence in IT delivery and reduce the total cost of IT ownership



By 2020 Piccadilly Group aims to replace mid-management level and some banking IT roles with autonomous agents.  By using autonomous agents for human-to-human mid-level management roles, senior management is then able to focus on the more complex strategic problems.  

A Methodology built for Financial Services

We have spent the past 6 years helping our clients overcome a range of complex delivery challenges specific to financial services.

Our experiences have enabled us to develop the Test-Bank Method, which encompasses the entire life cycle from ‘Contracts’ to ‘Go-Live’.

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